Let’s ZOOM away !!!

Let’s accept a fact – there will be changes to the 9-5 office routine. Never will we return to an office based 40-hour work week. Don’t get me wrong, I am aware that not all jobs can be worked from home and not one fit, fits all. However, now is the time to embrace home based working and allow those who can and want to work from home to not feel guilty doing this and continue to produce magnificent work.

I find it shocking that some employers are only just finding out that you can also be productive away from the main office. Begs the question – how will one, i.e. contractors, compile their Time and Motion statement to accompany their invoice for payment?

This is a good time to trust, motivate and develop your staff. Enhance your homeworking policy and let them show you the talent they possess, it is time to allow them to be truly flexible.

If COVID 19 has shown us anything, it’s that micromanagement is not a good thing for a progressive and productive workforce.  Let’s ZOOM away !!!