Organisations must do more to monitor culture

Creating a strong organisational culture can benefit many areas of the organisation, our webinar found

More than a third of HR professionals (37%) think their organisations could go further to successfully measure and report on company culture, according to a poll taken during an HR magazine webinar. A further 30% said that their organisation does not measure and report on culture at all.

In our ‘Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast: Achieving Competitive Edge Through Culture’ webinar, held in partnership with O.C. Tanner, viewers were also asked about the impact organisational culture has in their workplace currently. Thirty-nine per cent said it has a fairly positive impact on the organisation, while 15% said it has a highly positive impact on the organisation. However, 27% said it detracts somewhat from their organisation.

Gary Beckstrand, vice president of the O.C. Tanner Institute, said that while most organisations understand culture is important, the challenges of measuring it means it can come across as a vague concept.

“I think a lot of organisations have begun to identify culture and why they do the things that they do, but very few have pursued a strategy. I think that’s part of the reason why culture has become somewhat nebulous; I think we are unsure of how to measure it,” he said. “Everyone has come to understand that it’s important, but [people must] work out how to go about that from a strategic standpoint.”

When asked which area of the organisation benefited most from strong organisational culture, engagement was highest (20%), followed by retention (17%), productivity (14%), employee wellbeing (14%), creativity and innovation (12%) and risk management (6%).